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Neuromuscular Program

The Neuromuscular Medicine Program leverages the expertise of a multidisciplinary teams, cutting-edge research, and innovative technologies to care for a spectrum of neuromuscular conditions affecting children from infancy to age 21.


As your child’s vision system develops, the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the eyes is complex because neurological complications may contribute to problems with sight and eye function.


Children’s National has some of the world’s foremost experts in care for children with complex neurodevelopmental disorders affecting the brain and central nervous system.

Neuropsychology Outpatient Evaluation Program

Neurological disorders and injuries that affect the brain, including developmental problems and injury from an accident or birth trauma, can influence the way a child thinks, learns, and behaves, and how a child expresses emotions.


Our neurosurgery experts provide advanced care for newborns and children with complex neurological conditions.