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We take a team approach to care, where all specialties and departments are totally integrated to offer the best care for each patient and family. Our team collaborates with specialists in other departments to offer the best care possible.



As your child’s vision system develops, the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the eyes is complex because neurological complications may contribute to problems with sight and eye function.

Tuberous Sclerosis Program

Tuberous Sclerosis Program

Children’s National Health System is one of only 16 sites in the United States with a clinic devoted to the treatment of  tuberous sclerosis. We treat our children who are diagnosed with TSC, and continue to provide consultation with primary care physicians and some outpatient services for our patients into adulthood.

Fetal and Transitional Medicine

Fetal Medicine Institute

Our fetal medicine team provides specialized, expert care for babies during pregnancy, delivery, and the postnatal period.

Headache Program

Headache Program

The clinic helps children and adolescents with chronic, debilitating head pain, headaches, and migraines.

Neurogenetics Program


The Neurogenetics Program team coordinates diagnostic testing, treatment, and ongoing care for children and adolescents with neurogenetic conditions, and ensures your child has access to all of the necessary specialists.

Movement Disorders Program

Movement Disorders Program

The Movement Disorders Program at Children’s National offers evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment to more than 400 children each year with conditions that affect the speed, quality, and ease of their movement.

Summer Camps

Designed for children and teens with specific conditions, these camps provide a summer camp experience including opportunities to gain confidence and build self-esteem.

Neonatal and Childhood Stroke Program

Our pediatric specialists treat children with a variety of different strokes each year. It is important for parents and caregivers to recognize the signs of a stroke and take immediate action.