Meet the Team

Krystal Artis Physician Assistant

Krystal Artis, PA-C, Physician Assistant 

Ali Bader Gastroenterologist

Ali Bader, MD, Gastroenterologist

Laurie Conklin Gastroenterologist

Laurie Conklin, MD, Gastroenterologist

Anil Darbari Gastroenterologist

Anil Darbari, MD, Gastroenterologist 

Bernadette Diez Nurse Practitioner

Bernadette Diez, NP-C, Nurse Practitioner 

Lynn Duffy Gastroenterologist

Lynn Duffy, MD, Gastroenterologist 

Erin Garth Nurse Practitioner

Erin Garth, PPCNP, Nurse Practitioner

No Photo Available

Virginia Gebus Nurse Specialist

Virginia Gebus, CNS, Nurse Specialist

Benny Kerzner Gastroenterologist

Benny Kerzner, MD, Gastroenterologist 

Muhammad Khan Gastroenterologist

Muhammad Khan, MD, Gastroenterologist

Seema Khan Gastroenterologist

Seema Khan, MD, Gastroenterologist

Peter Lee Gastroenterologist

Peter Lee, Jr., MD, Gastroenterologist 

Ian Leibowitz Gastroenterologist

Ian Leibowitz, MD, Gastroenterologist 

Parvathi Mohan Gastroenterologist

Parvathi Mohan, MD, Gastroenterologist

Sona Sehgal Gastroenterologist

Sona Sehgal, MD, Gastroenterologist

Natalie Sikka Gastroenterologist

Natalie Sikka, MD, Gastroenterologist

John Snyder Division Chief, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

John Snyder, MD, Gastroenterologist

Clarivet Torres Gastroenterologist

Clarivet Torres, MD, Gastroenterologist 

Jaime Wolfe Gastroenterologist

Jaime Wolfe, MD, Gastroenterologist 

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