Fetal Connections

Fetal Connections is a quarterly publication from the Fetal Medicine Institute at Children’s National Health System. The publication provides the latest research and information to help support fetal medicine practitioners. Sign up for Fetal Connections.

Summer 2015

  • Our Fetal Heart Program
  • Quarterly Case Review: Transposition of the Great Arteries

Spring 2015

  • Fetal Imaging
  • Quarterly Case Review: Apert Syndrome (AS)

Winter 2014/15

  • Our Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD) Program
  • Quarterly Case Review: Pulmonary Lympangiectasia
  • Our Fetal Infectious Diseases Program

Fall 2014

  • Our New Fetal Medicine Physician Liaison
  • Quarterly Case Review: Thanatophoric Dysplasia
  • Our Critical Care Delivery Program

Summer 2014

  • Meet Our Program Directors
  • Meet Our Care Coordinators

Spring 2014

  • The Fetal Medicine Institute Opening
  • A Powerhouse for Fetal Imaging
  • How to Refer a Patient