Complex Salivary and Endocrine Surgery Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology) | 202-476-2159

The Complex Salivary and Endocrine Surgery Program at Children's National Health System treats problems thatoccur when a child cannot control oral and facial muscles. These problems are often an associatedcomplication of neurological or conditions like hypotonia, cerebralpalsy, and developmental delays with feeding, swallowing and oral motor issues.

The clinic is a specialized service offered through Children's Division of Otolaryngology, whichspecializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat, and head, and neck disorders.

Our Services

Clinic Director Joshua Bedwell, MD, and the dedicated clinic team evaluate and treat children who are at adevelopmentally appropriate age for diagnosis and intervention, generally children who are at leastfour years old.

Common conditions treated in the clinic:

  • Oromotor Dysfunction

    Oromotor dysfunction is an inability to control the muscles of the mouth, including the tongue,lips and those involved in swallowing. This condition can interfere with speech and cause excessivedrooling.

  • Sialorrhea

    Sialorrhea is characterized by excessive drooling or salivation, a common problem inneurologically impaired patients, including children with developmental delays or cerebral palsy.Sialorrhea is associated with physical and psychosocial complications, including chapping,dehydration, odor, and social stigmatization, which can be devastating for patients and theirfamilies.

We practice a family-centered approach to care and you are an important member of yourchild's care team. In addition to a superior clinical program, our team teaches you how tohelp manage your child's condition and recognize complications. The clinic coordinates withall of the necessary specialists to ensure that each patient receives a personal treatment plan thatmeets each child's unique needs and promotes healthy development.