Children's National Medical Center

2012 Community Benefit Report

Leadership Letter

In 2012 I challenged our Children's National team to think "outside of the box" to
re-structure and invigorate the way we care for kids. It truly was a collaborative effort, one built on a new leadership structure, engaging everyone from the front line to the
C-suite. The result has been a dynamic bridge between ideas, goals, and innovative solutions, coupled with creative connections and partnerships in our community.

Since then, we have taken the concept even further, fostered by the platform of Healthier Kids, Stronger Communities. We have always asserted that the future of our communities is linked directly to the health and well-being of our children. This belief continually drives us to the forefront of innovative research, clinical services and patient care, and community outreach and education. Providing momentum for our belief is the idea that the future we are working toward starts now! Giving this sense of intentionality and urgency to our actions requires us to always be thinking — anticipating — how best Children's National can leverage its expertise, partnerships, and passion for advocacy to meet the needs of the community. This report is a shining example of how Children's National is accomplishing that vision through several notable programs and activities across communities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and the broader community. You will also learn about a new, forward-focused initiative that unites District of Columbia hospitals and community health centers around the shared vision of developing solutions for the collective health concerns of city residents. These programs and projects are just a few ways in which Children's National is looking toward the future as we work to benefit the community today.

Thank you for your interest in Children's National Medical Center and in our 2012 Community Benefit Report. I hope you will join us in our commitment to building Healthier Kids, Stronger Communities!

Kurt Newman, MD President and Chief Execute Officer