Sickle Cell Adolescent Transition Program

Whether it is going away to camp for the first time or going away to college, helping a child become self sufficient and more independent can bring on a flood of mixed emotions. For families of children with chronic diseases, such as sickle cell anemia, these "firsts" are often more stressful, as parents worry about new routines, unhealthy diets, and overall lack of support. Children's National's Sickle Cell Adolescent Transition Program aims to improve the transition to adulthood by teaching sickle cell patients about their disease and encouraging them to manage their own care as they will be expected to do as adults. The program also provides intensive case management to those patients who frequently use the Emergency Department for acute sickle cell complications but do not have consistent follow-up in our Outpatient Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic. The overall goal of the Transition Program is to decrease emergency room visits and improve quality of life and self-sufficiency through state of the art sickle cell care.

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