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Paul B. Kaplowitz, MD, PhD, is an endocrinology in the Division of Endocrinology at Children's National Health System. Dr. Kaplowitz has practiced pediatric endocrinology since 1982 and has published more than 55 papers, particularly in the area of growth and puberty disorders. He published an article in Pediatrics in 1999 that reviewed data suggesting puberty in girls was starting earlier than in the past. This touched off a period of heightened scientific and media discussion of whether female puberty was in fact starting earlier and if so, why. An article he published in Pediatrics in 2001 supported the idea that the increase in obesity might be driving the trend for earlier onset of puberty.

He has been an advocate for caution in the use of therapies, such as growth hormone and Lupron, for children who are borderline in their growth or pubertal maturation. Among his current research interests are the effect of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism on weight gain and weight loss in children, and the significance of a borderline elevation of serum TSH, as well as suppression of TSH without other signs of hyperthyroidism.

Dr. Kaplowitz is married and has two sons and two grandchildren.

Education & Training

Education & Training

  • Fellowship Program, Pediatric Endocrinology, 1982
    University of North Carolina Hospital
  • Residency Program, Pediatrics, 1979
    University of North Carolina Hospital
  • PhD, 1976
    University of Chicago
  • MD, 1976
    University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
  • BS, 1970
    University of Michigan
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Trevor's Story

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Kyra's Story

"I encourage you to talk to family and friends about Turner's syndrome. This will give you comfort and allow you to see that it's ok; that your daughter will be ok."

Antoinette's Story

"The most “abnormal” thing about my daughter is this weird piece of equipment that is constantly attached to her ear. It's called a cell phone and is just as much a part of her as the pink device that acts like her pancreas and keeps her alive."

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"I would never have thought that after taking my daughter to her pediatrician, I would hear, 'You need to take your child to Children's National right away.'"

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Russell's Story

"If you are reading this, you are already hooked up with the best. You are at Children's National. They have huge shoulders, lean on them for guidance and support. I did and am forever grateful."

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Samantha's Story

"I could not have come this far without extremely good care from Children's National. And to the parents of children newly diagnosed with diabetes: dreams can come true just as always; don't let this disease stand in your/their way ever."

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Sean's Story

"Nobody wants their child to have a lifelong medical condition, however if your child is to have one, you want your child to have this one." 



Research & Publications

Research & Publications

Clinical Characteristics of 104 Children Referred for Evaluation of Precocious Puberty

(2004) Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Increased Body Mass Index and Race in Relation to the Earlier Onset of Puberty in Girls

(2001) Pediatrics

Precocious puberty

(2008) Pediatrics: An On-Line Medical Reference

Precocious Puberty Update on Secular Trends Definitions Diagnosis and Treatment

(2004) Advances in Pediatrics

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Russell's Story

Patient story

"If you are reading this, you are already hooked up with the best. You are at Children's National. They have huge shoulders, lean on them for guidance and support. I did and am forever grateful."

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