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Maureen Monaghan, PhD, is a clinical and pediatric psychologist with specialization in child and adolescent adjustment to illness and adherence to medical regimens. Dr. Monaghan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Center for Translational Science. She supervises psychology services for youth with chronic illness and their families and provides outpatient therapy services at the Northern Virginia Outpatient Center. Dr. Monaghan specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents with diabetes, and she also has expertise in treatment of behavioral sleep disorders. Dr. Monaghan is particularly interested in helping adolescents and young adults with diabetes adjust and adapt to new settings and adhere to their daily medical regimen, while also promoting optimal quality of life.

Dr. Monaghan is an active clinical researcher and is committed to a multidisciplinary research program exploring adjustment to illness and ways to promote adherence in adolescents with type 1 diabetes. She is a funded investigator in the area of executive function and health outcomes in young adults with type 1 diabetes. Dr. Monaghan has multiple publications in the area of child health. Her long-term goal is to establish a strong research program promoting adherence, adjustment, and quality of life in youth with chronic illnesses.

Education & Training

Education & Training

  • Fellowship Program, Pediatric Psychology, 2008
    Children's National Medical Center
  • PhD, 2006
    University of Virginia
  • Internship Program, Pediatric Psychology, 2006
    University of Maryland Medical System
Patient Stories

Patient Stories: Maureen Monaghan

Antoinette's Story

"The most “abnormal” thing about my daughter is this weird piece of equipment that is constantly attached to her ear. It's called a cell phone and is just as much a part of her as the pink device that acts like her pancreas and keeps her alive."

Patient story

Hannah's Story

"As a parent, be a safety net, but let them go and do. That was the hardest part for us."

Patient story

Connor's Story

"Give your precious child lots of hugs and kisses and tell him/her they will be fine, you all will be, you have each other and you will get through it together!" 

Patient story

Dana's Story

"Look for support groups. There is a psychological side to having a disease like this. You need to talk to people. You will learn from them and eventually you will help others." 

Raven's Story

"I would never have thought that after taking my daughter to her pediatrician, I would hear, 'You need to take your child to Children's National right away.'"



Research & Publications

Research & Publications

Nighttime caregiving behaviors among parents of young children with Type 1 diabetes Associations with illness characteristics and parent functioning

(2009) Families, Systems, & Health

Screening and identification of children and adolescents atrisk for depression during a diabetes clinic visit

(2010) Diabetes Spectrum

Screening and identification of children and adolescents atrisk for depression during a diabetes clinic visit

(2010) Diabetes Spectrum

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Jamie's Story

"We cannot thank Children's National enough for diagnosing and treating Jamie. Yes, it was hard to swallow that our child had a mental illness, but we finally had a diagnosis with which to work from. "

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