Eric Hoffman, PhD Geneticist

Education & Training

Education & Training

  • PHD, Pediatrics/ Genetics, 1988
    Harvard Medical School
  • Fellowship Program, Genetics, 1988
    Children's Hospital of Boston
  • PHD, 1986
    Johns Hopkins University
  • BA, Biology, Music, 1982
    Gettysburg College
Patient Stories

Patient Stories: Eric Hoffman

Jackson's Story

"I have become a total advocate for my child, fighting this fight right alongside of him."



Research & Publications

Research & Publications

ACTN3 and MLCK Genotype Associations with Exertional Muscle Damage

(2005) Journal of Applied Physiology

Automated Sequence Screening of the Entire Dystrophin CDNA in Duchenne Dystrophy Point Mutilation Detection

(2005) American Journal of Medical Genetics

Changes in Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway Gene Expression in Skeletal Muscle with Exercise and Statins

(2005) Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology

Decreased Asialotransferrin in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with Childhoodonset Ataxia and Central Nervous System HypomyelinationVanishing White Matter Disease

(2005) Clinical Chemistry

Early Onset of Inflammation and Later Involvement of TGF in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

(2005) Neurology

Elevated StearoylCoA Desaturase1 Expression in Skeletal Muscle Contributes to Abnormal Fatty Acid Partitioning in Obese Humans

(2005) Cell Metabolism

Expression of Two Temporally Distinct Microgliarelated Gene Clusters After Spinal Cord Injury

(2005) Glia

Expression Profiling of Experimental Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Reveals a Heterogeneous Genomic Response Related to Distance from Impact and Injury Severity

(2005) Physiological Genomics

Proteome Analysis of Skeletal Muscle from Obese and Morbidly Obese Women

(2005) Diabetes

Variability in Muscle Size and Strength Gain After Unilateral Resistance Training

(2005) Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

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Elias's Story Part Two

Patient story

"One positive thing I have to say about this process is that the rotation of Children's attending physicians for the oncology inpatient unit is outstanding, and the fellows also are very good. They were accessible (by phone, too, when we were at home), understanding, and of course knowledgeable."

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