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Dina Zand, MD, is a highly regarded dysmorphologist and a member of the Smith Society, a distinction in the field. Her specialties include dysmorphology and brain development. Dr. Zand also works with a multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists through Children's National's craniofacial program and skeletal dysplasia program.

Education & Training

Education & Training

  • MD, 1995
    Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
  • BA, 1989
    Northwestern University
Patient Stories

Patient Stories: Dina Zand, MD

Patient story

Ashley's Story

"We love going to Children's National. The first visit was very hard since we found out about the diagnosis, but after that we have only had good visits. My daughter loves going there."

Patient story

Austin's Story

"People always tell me 'You're so strong, I don't know how you got through it.' I like to say that you never know how strong you are or what you are capable of until you have no choice but to be strong." 

Myles's Story

"We will always be grateful for Children's National and for all the miracle workers they provide."



Research & Publications

Research & Publications

Autosomal dominant inheritance of infantile myofibromatosis

(2004) American Journal of Medical Genetics

Dominant negative retinoid X receptor Beta inhibits retinoic acidresponsive gene regulation in embryonal carcinoma cells

(1994) Molecular and Cellular Biology

Retinoic acid mediated downregulation of Oct coincides with the loss of promoter occupancy in vivo

(1996) EMBO Journal

Cytogenetic and Molecular Diagnoses of Hypotonia in the Newborn

(2004) NeoReviews

Crane Heise syndrome a second familial case report with elaboration of phenotype

(2003) American Journal of Medical Genetics

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