Niko's Story: Parent's Letter ProjectBowel obstruction- Niko’s mom

I've been coming to Children's National for 23 years. I have two sons. My oldest son started out here with Dr. Rosenquest 23 years ago. He's in college now and if he could, he'd be still coming here! My youngest son is 15 years old. He was a 29-week preemie and recently we've visited the Emergency Department a lot. Our last visit was Monday, December 9th and we've been here ever since as an inpatient.

We were in the intensive care unit (ICU) for two days. The best thing I did was being prepared to stay and bringing what I needed to soothe and comfort my 15-year-old and me. I remembered cell phone chargers, my pajamas, and our own personal blankets. I think it's the little things that make the stay most comfortable away from home. 

Accept help from family, friends, and co-workers depending on what you really need from them when they ask, "Do you need anything?" Food, toiletries, and sitting with a child while the parent goes to shower are helpful things that come to mind. Since my kids were infants, I learned to sleep when they slept and when I was rested I did the list of things that needed to be done. Or I read, relaxed, or talked to friends, family, or associates that soothed me, encouraged me, or strengthened me. I love this place!


Niko's mom, Robin

Treatment Team