Ndea's Story: Parent's Letter ProjectPremature baby- Ndea's mom

Our daughter, Ndea, was born on February 1, 1999- she weighed 1 pound 3 ounces. It did not look good, and we didn't think we could handle the situation. Ndea made it and she was released to us in May of that year with a heart monitor and oxygen tank to be used at all times.

One evening a week or two later, the heart monitor started to make noises and we knew it was bad. I got a cab and took Ndea straight to Children's National in Washington, DC, which was what we were told to do, if the heart monitor alarms went off. We were losing my daughter. By the time I handed her over to a doctor, Ndea was turning blue and had stopped breathing.

The doctors and physicians at Children's National took full control of the situation. I was in disbelief and scared out of my mind. It was one of those days a mom never forgets. We stayed at the hospital for hours. We finally went home without her that day. I visited during her stay at the hospital.

The staff was excellent with my daughter's illness, needs, and care. When I visited Ndea, she was getting bigger and stronger everyday. Ndea was released a few days later and we had no more monitor alarms. My family is so grateful to Children's National. You can trust the staff at this hospital.


Ndea's mom, Arnette

Treatment Team