Kyle's Story: Parent's Letter ProjectUnilateral Incomplete Cleft Lip- Kyle’s Mom

My son is now almost 18 years old, so my story is an old one. He was born with a unilateral, incomplete cleft lip. Any birth defect is devastating to a new parent, but on the day Kyle was born, a whole team of plastic surgeons were touring the hospital and came to see him. One told me he was “so close to being perfect” to which I said "To his mom, he is perfect." Needless to say, when I interviewed surgeons, he was not on my list! 

Dr. Boyajian and the team at Children's are amazing. Eighteen years later, you can't tell anything was done. Kyle has had a happy, healthy, and regular life, just as every child should. It's a tough road, but they will take care of your babies and do whatever they can to ease the pain.


Kyle's mom

Treatment Team