Isabel's Story: Parent Letter Project Wilms tumor

As a pediatric nurse at Children's National Medical Center, I never imagined that my child would be sick. At Isabel's 15 month check-up, her pediatrician felt a "thickening" on her left side. After a trip for an ultrasound, we found ourselves at Children's for a CT scan. Before we knew it, Isabel was having surgery at the very hospital that I had worked at for so many years. Our surgeon was very reassuring and we knew Isabel was in good hands. We loved our oncologist and trusted his expertise. 

Isabel had an unusual reaction to one of the chemotherapy medications. She developed a high fever about 36 hours after it was given. This sent us to the Emergency Department (ED). Our oncologist researched the problem and discovered that some children react to the generic medicine. Once we switched to the brand name, Isabel sailed through the rest of the treatment.

Now Isabel is a healthy 3 and-a-half-year-old. Her only lingering effects are that she lost her immunity and needed to redo her vaccines. Otherwise, she is a pure delight and Children's National Medical Center gave us back a healthy, happy little girl!

Isabel’s mom, Veronica

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