Gunnar's Story: Parent's Letter ProjectKidney stones and other urological disorders- Gunnar’s mom

We have spent many days and nights in and out of Children's National. For the past two years my son has suffered from Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 2, PH for short. He has had more than 19 surgical procedures with urology, general surgery, and interventional radiology. We have sat in the surgery waiting room hoping for good news, asking for updates, and worrying every minute. 

I know as a parent it is hard to watch your children go through so many surgeries, suffer from so many infections, and to be in pain often. Talking to other parents and being very proactive in our son's treatment has kept us sane. We are praying that there will be a cure for him and hopefully relief from this rare disease in the future. 

The urology and nephrology staff at Children's National has been so very helpful in our son's treatment and has been amazing toward him. I appreciate everything they have done and continue to do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Gunnar’s mom, Jamie

Treatment Team