Brooke's Story: Parent's Letter ProjectTransposition of the great arteries- Brooke's parents

I am writing this letter with the hope that it may help you during this time. My daughter, Brooke, was born on June 26, 2009. She was a scheduled C-section. When she was born, the doctors and nurses thought she had swallowed fluid (common in C-sections) because she was having trouble breathing and was a little blue. After having an echocardiogram, they discovered she had transposition of the great vessels. Things happened so fast after that.

We were given three hospital choices to have our daughter transported to. We ultimately chose Children's National. She was transported that night to Children's National and had open heart surgery three days later. The surgery went very well. During her stay at Children's National, my husband and I learned so much from the doctors and nurses there. We were told about her condition and how it was going to be corrected (with diagrams). They were very thorough in their explanations. We talked about the recovery process and the importance of her eating. We could ask as many questions as we wanted, whenever. The doctors and nurses always had an answer! We also discussed how to take care of her once she got home (incision cleaning) and how we would be seeing a cardiologist for follow-ups. Our daughter is a happy and healthy one-year-old today thanks to the doctors at Children's National. We definitely made the right choice in sending her there.

My advice to any parent going through this is to listen to the doctors, and ask as many questions as you can. Do not do research on the Internet. You will find negative information and half the time, the information is incorrect. Lean on family, friends, or any other support system you can. Pray. My experience at Children's National was amazing. They are very dedicated doctors and nurses. They are also very supportive. I would tell anyone going through this experience to choose Children's National.


Brooke's parents, John and Kellie

Treatment Team