Cochlear Implants

About Cochlear Implants

Our team evaluates patients for a cochlear implant based on several criteria, including audiological, medical, developmental, and psychosocial factors. A thorough evaluation to determine if a child is a candidate for cochlear implantation generally requires multiple visits:

  • Assessment by a pediatric otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat physician)
  • Follow-up and treatment by an audiologist, including hearing aid trials
  • Assessment by a speech therapist
  • Evaluation by social team of psychological and social support

We perform between 20 and 25 cochlear implants each year. At any time, the program serves many patients who are at different stages of the cochlear implantation process.

After the Procedure

After the implant of a cochlear device, the program team continues to support a child and family to help the patient progress successfully in hearing and language development. Post-operative services include:

  • Auditory habilitation/rehabilitation
  • Language intervention
  • Coordination between parents, schools, and the implant center

Children's National Team

Our Cochlear Implant team members are fluent in Spanish and interpreters are available for every session with our specialists. All of the audiologists in the program are skilled in American Sign Language (ASL). The program also has speech language pathologists with auditory-verbal training in addition to more traditional therapies.

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Children's Team

Children's Team


Children's Locations that Perform this Procedure

Children's Locations that Perform this Procedure

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