Pediatric Experimental Therapeutics

The Experimental Therapeutics Program at Children’s National Health System is fighting to help children win the battle against cancer. 

Experimental Therapeutics at Children’s National

Cancer treatment is an ever-evolving field. We are constantly working to change and improve the types of drugs we can use to fight cancer. This is why a robust experimental therapeutics program to identify and test new anticancer drugs is so crucial to successful treatments for cancer

At Children’s National, our experimental therapeutics program:

  • Offers patients new experimental cancer treatments that may deliver positive long-term outcomes
  • Cares for children who have not had success with other cancer treatments by providing access to the latest medications  
  • Is one of the few cancer centers in the nation with access to Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Phase I trials
  • Participates in a high volume of research trials, many of which we are leading right here at our facility. Learn more about our clinical trials.

New Treatments for Childhood Cancer 

Children’s National has a long history of researching pediatric cancer developmental therapeutics and leading anticancer drug development, including heading national clinical trials

How are we leading the fight against cancer:

  • COG. Since 2001, we have been a member of the select Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Developmental Therapeutics Consortium (DVLC). We are one of only 11 sites in North America to participate in the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium. Both organizations develop new Phase I and Phase II therapies for children and adolescents with tumors resistant to standard chemotherapy. 
  • CERN. We are a Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network (CERN) Center, which focuses specifically on a type of brain tumor.
  • Specialized training. Our nursing staff and research assistants participate in specialized training to perform the protocols and monitoring of patients in clinical trials. We also have dedicated research nurses whose sole professional focus is safely caring for children while meeting the rigorous scientific requirements of clinical trials. Our program emphasizes caring for the sensitive needs of young patients and their families. 

Childhood Cancer Treatment at Children’s: Support for Families 

We are committed to the entire family. We know that when a child is sick, it affects everyone in the family. Our resources and support include: 

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For more information, call us at 202-476-2800.

Applicable Conditions

Applicable Conditions


Leukemia is the most common form of pediatric cancer. It affects approximately 3,250 children each year in the US, accounting for about 30 percent of childhood cancers. It can occur at any age, although it is most commonly seen in children between 2 and 6 years of age.

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Solid Tumor Program

Our solid tumor experts provide advanced diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for children with solid tumors.

Leukemia Lymphoma Program

Our leukemia and lymphoma team provides comprehensive treatments for your child, including chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and surgery.


Our oncology (cancer) team provides personalized treatment plans for children with cancer, including access to clinical trials.