Evidence-based Practice Program

Nursing Research and Quality at Children's National

Evidence-based practice at Children’s National

The Children’s National Model of Evidence-Based Nursing, one of the four pillars of our Professional Practice Model, incorporates the tenets of evidence-based practice. All of our Shared Nursing Leadership councils participate in promoting a spirit of inquiry and evidence-based practice at Children’s National. As a result, evidence-based practice is present in all of the nurses’ care and work in our organization. Nurses have ready access to the scientific literature through the Health Science Library and the Nursing Research and Quality Outcomes internal websites. We provide multiple evidence-based practice training opportunities beginning in nursing orientation and continuing throughout our nurses’ careers at Children’s National.

Health Science Librarian and Online Health Science Library

Our health science librarian works closely with nursing staff to help them locate needed evidence for nursing practice. She provides both formal classes and one on one training in literature searching, how to organize the evidence and use of our online database resources. Our librarian routinely scans the research literature and posts links to articles of interest on the Nursing Research and Quality Outcomes website.

Evidence-based nursing practice guideline development and review.

Under the leadership of the Nurse Practice Council, nurses use evidence-based practice methods to develop, review and update all nursing practice guidelines. Annually members collaborate with the Children’s National health science librarian to conduct/update comprehensive literature reviews to determine needed changes to practice guidelines based on new research findings. Nurses critically appraise the literature for readiness to translate into practice and assign the level of evidence for all nurse practice guideline reference citations. At the bedside nurses use their clinical expertise and their patient and families’ values to implement evidence-based nursing care. 

Nurse residency evidence-based practice change projects

In the Children’s National Nurse Residency Program, all new graduate nurses develop, implement and evaluate an evidence-based practice change as their final residency experience. Members of the Department of Nursing Research and Quality Outcomes expand nurse residents’ evidence-based practice knowledge from their undergraduate nursing programs by introducing emerging principles of implementation science that they use to develop their projects. Residents receive guidance and mentoring from their unit leadership to implement and evaluate their proposed evidence based practice change.