Meet Debbie FreiburgVice President of Nursing for Medicine, Surgery, Hematology/Oncology, and Central Nursing Operations

Debbie Freiburg is the Director for Medical Nursing and Patient and Family Education Program. She has been at Children's National since 1978, joining the team as a staff nurse on the Hematology and Oncology unit.

Freiburg says the most rewarding part of her experience at Children's National has been the guidance and wisdom she's been able to share with her staff.

"I am transforming children's health by mentoring the nursing staff that cares for these patients every day," she said. "I also listen to families and make whatever changes are necessary to improve their care."

After nearly 32 years at Children's National, she has seen many of the patients she originally cared for come back to visit with children of their own. She loves impacting the lives of the patients and the people she has worked with.

"I love the unpredictability of what each day brings and managing the unexpected," she said. "I also love supporting my staff. They are all wonderful people."

Debbie will be celebrating her 36th year at Children's National on September 23, 2014.