Housing Advice

Housing Advice

Our residents have found all sorts of great options for living in Washington, DC. Most residents rent an apartment, townhouse, or row house, but we also have a number of residents that have bought condos or houses in the area. Here is information on apartments and houses from our residents:


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For rent: Many people have found roommates and houses for rent on Craigslist.

To buy or not to buy: You CAN afford to purchase your own place. Many banks have wonderful loan programs for doctors. You can find a range of properties depending on what you are looking for. Houses tend not to depreciate in this area, so it is a good investment.


Northern Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax) – You can find townhouses/condos in the $250,000 to $400,000 range. The only downside is that commutes can be longer if you are driving in rush hour, depending on how far out you live. Neighborhoods that are popular with residents include the Courthouse, Fairlington, and Shirlington areas of Arlington.

Fairlington is a small community in Arlington off of I-395, close to Shirlington and Old Town Alexandria. Townhouses and condominiums are available to buy or rent. It is a safe, quiet, tree lined community perfect for residents with families or dogs. The commute is 15-20 minutes to work in the morning, and 35-40 minutes commute home with traffic. Available places are often two bedrooms and up, with a variety of floor plans, and rent averages $1600 and up. Start with Craigslist to check out a sample of what's available.


Silver Spring is a popular area to buy. You typically can find free-standing houses with good space and a yard. Single family homes are usually in the $400,000’s-$500,000’s. It is about a 20 minute or so drive to Children’s National, depending on where exactly you live. Downtown Silver Spring was recently renovated and has a great area with shops, restaurants, and areas to hang out. It also has a Metro station.

If you'd like to spend a little less, you can buy a single family home for around $350,000 in Bowie, MD in Prince George’s County (east of DC). It is a 25-40 minute ride to the hospital depending on the time of day you have to get there, has plenty of shopping, and is about 5-10 minutes from the nearest Metro station, as well as 15 minutes from Annapolis, MD.

District of Columbia

The Foggy Bottom area is a great neighborhood to live in. Average cost is about $300,000 for a 1bedroom condo. You can walk to GWU hospital and it is a short drive to Children’s National. There are a ton of good restaurants in the area.

The Cleveland Park area is a great place to live. There is Metro access on the Red line, and a number of good restaurants and bars near the Metro stop. The area has a wonderful historical movie theater, and the zoo is a close walk (and free). Average cost for a condo is about $350,000-450,000 for a 1 bedroom condo.

The Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant areas are diverse neighborhoods close to the hospital and have a new Metro station. Average cost is about $400,000 for a 3 bedroom townhouse. The area also is close to the nightlife in Adams Morgan.

The Petworth and Brightwood areas are up and coming neighborhoods which are great investments. Average cost is about $450,000-$550,000 for a 3 bedroom townhouse. Typically there is a good amount of space and plenty of off-street parking. It is a quick commute to Children’s National, typically about 10 minutes.

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