Categorical Track

Categorical Track

The Categorical Track is our largest track. We accept approximately 24 categorical interns per training year.

This track offers a traditional residency training program, offering outstanding subspecialty and primary care experiences to help prepare residents for their any future careers. 

Each resident is assigned a mentor who helps to guide career and educational choices. The flexibility of this track allows residents to use their elective time to customize their training to their specific interests and goals, as well as to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the Community Health and Primary Care Tracks.

Quotes from Residents

Quotes from Residents

"One of our strengths is the exposure to different cases, and the availability of highly experienced subspecialists."

"The strengths of this program include the variety and volume of patients you are exposed to at a tertiary care center with an international population."

"The categorical track is a traditional residency experience that provides robust exposure to inpatient and outpatient medicine. One of its strengths is the incredible amount of elective time it offers.  It allows residents to explore interests in various areas of medicine: hospital-based careers, advocacy, subspecialty care, etc."

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