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Children's in the News - 2011

Washington Post Campaign for Children’s
Each year the Washington Post features stories from Children’s National Medical Center to raise money for the hospital. Click on the links below to read this year’s stories.
  • A Special Child Among Many
    November 22, 2011
    Nineteen-month-old Micah beat the odds of surviving three open heart surgeries before her first birthday, and continues to amaze her team of doctors and nurses at Children’s National. As her therapist says, she is “one of the most resilient kids I’ve known.”
  • At Children’s National, Doctors Save Boy with Rare Genetic Disorder
    November 17, 2011
    The spring of 2011 was a scary time for then 3-year-old Jackson. After several weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s National, his doctors finally figured out what was wrong. Jackson was diagnosed as the first person in the United States to have a LPIN-1 deficiency.
Children’s National Team Saves Child with Unprecedented Conditions - December 6, 2011
Baby born with heart outside his body and other complications was treated by a large team at Children’s National.

Helping Families With Obesity and Lifestyle Changes - December 6, 2011
Pediatrician Nazrat Mirza provides tips to the Associated Press

Tips for Raising Grateful Kids - November 22, 2011
Eleanor Mackey offers suggestions in the Washington Post

A Special Child Among Many - November 22, 2011
Nineteen-month-old Micah beat the odds of surviving three open heart surgeries before her first birthday, and continues to amaze her team of doctors and nurses at Children’s National. As her therapist says, she is “one of the most resilient kids I’ve known.”

Understanding Brain Injuries in Preemies and Trying to Prevent or Repair Injury - November 21, 2011
Dr. Vittorio Gallo talks about his team’s efforts to prevent or repair brain injury that could eventually help premature infants through a critical developmental time window

NPR’s Diane Rehm Show Discusses Drug Shortages - November 2, 2011
Children’s Christopher Lawlor talks about the consequences for pediatric oncology.

Using Vaccines to Help Keep Children Safe from Terrorism - October 24, 2011
Dan Fagbuyi, MD, chaired a federal work group to study anthrax vaccines.

The Diane Rehm Show: How Early Is It To Diagnose and Treat ADHD? - October 20, 2011
Dr. Mark Batshaw sits on a guest panel to talk about the new AAP guidelines

CNN: New Recommendations to Create a Safe Sleep Environment for Babies - October 20, 2011
Dr. Rachel Moon is the lead author on the AAP’s recommendations

WebMD: IQ Scores of Teens May Change Over Time - October 19, 2011
Madison Berl, PhD, comments on study: This is good news in terms of opportunities to continue to learn and gain skills.

NBC: Shortage of Oncology Drugs Creates Concern - October 17, 2011
Dr. Jeffery Dome notes that Children’s National is managing to secure supplies, but he is concerned about national shortage.

Doctors Studying Link Between Early Anesthesia and Developmental Delays - October 3, 2011
Anesthesiologist Richard Levy advises parents not to delay necessary surgeries

Children's National CEO Outlines His Vision For Caring for Kids - September 15, 2011
New CEO Kurt Newman discusses his plans with the Washington Business Journal

HPV vaccine is still safe, despite renewed debate. - September 15, 2011
The Diane Rehm Show discuses the issues and Dr. Roberta DeBiasi reaffirms the vaccine’s safety.

Listen to the feature

Kurt Newman, MD: The Man behind the Career - September 15, 2011
The Washington Post talks with Kurt Newman, MD about taking on his new position as President and CEO of Children’s National.

Read the full article

Helping Kids Cope With Back-to-School Blues - September 14, 2011
Psychologist Eleanor Mackey offers suggestions to the Washington Post

NY Times: A Child’s Nap Is More Complicated Than It Looks - September 14, 2011
Sleep Medicine expert Judith Owens provides insight on the importance of naps

NPR’s Diane Rehm Focuses on the Concussion Crisis - September 12, 2011
Children’s Chief of Neuropsychology Gerard Gioia talks about signs, symptoms and treatment

Coping with Stress: Tips for LGBT Teens - August 30, 2011
Edgardo Menvielle, MD, offers tips to WebMD

Dr. Gerard Martin Sits on Advisory Panel Recommending National, Simple Screening for Newborns - August 21, 2011
Pulse oximetry detects critical congenital heart disease, helping to save lives

To Help Parents, Things You Might Not Know About Concussions - August 12, 2011
Dr. Gerard Gioia talks about symptoms and the importance of mental recovery.

Rafael Nadal Publishes His Secrets To Success, Children’s National Advises Young Athletes In Training - August 12, 2011
Dr. Laurel Blakemore gives for athletes to stay at the top of their game and off the injured list.

Unsafe Packed School Lunches Can Be Harmful to Preschoolers - August 8, 2011
To keep packed lunches healthy and safe, Dr. Denice Cora-Bramble gives quick and easy advice to parents.

Teens Vaccinations Just As Important As Infants & Toddlers, But Happen Far Less - August 8, 2011
Adolescent are much less likely to see physicians and receive life saving vaccines

Children’s Physician Discusses Simple Newborn Screening To Detect Heart Defects, Save Lives - July 28, 2011
Dr. Gerard Martin talks about the effectiveness of pulse oximetry in detecting congenital heart disease in newborns.

Children’s National on Including Families is Key to Helping Kids Battling Obesity - July 19, 2011
Children’s experts Nazrat Mirza and Evan Nadler recommend strategies for tackling the obesity epidemic

USA Today: States Weigh Mandated Testing for Congenital Heart Disease in Newborns - June 28, 2011
Early testing of congenital heart disease could spot problems in 4,000 newborn children, while saving as many as 200 lives, comments Gerard Martin, MD.

Wall Street Journal: The Supreme Court Considers Banning Violent Video Games, Impact on Youth - June 20, 2011
Dr. Bhavin Dave discusses the influence of violent games on children and some of the research on this topic.

New Study Finds Minority Children Spend More Time Plugged into Media, Children’s National Expert Comments - June 9, 2011
Dr. Eleanor Mackey advises families to spend more time together without the distraction of media.

NPR: Obesity is Challenging for Families, but Early Intervention is Key - June 7, 2011
Obesity Institute’s Nazrat Mirza Talks about the IDEAL Clinic on Tell Me More

Children's National Featured on NBC Nightly News - June 6, 2011
Making a Difference Pediatrician Yolandra Hancock and the Step Up For Health Program aim to prevent obesity

Psychologist from Children's National Advises Parents About Sexualized Clothing for Young Girls - May 19, 2011
Based on a new study examining the websites of 15 retailers, Eleanor Mackey cautions parents against allowing girls to wear sexualized clothing.

Night Terrors Often Scary for Parents - May 18, 2011
Psychologist Candice Alfano provides tips to handle night terrors to MSNBC

NPR Chronicles the Complexities of Childhood Obesity, Speaks with Experts from Children’s National Obesity Institute - April 27, 2011
Children's National IDEAL Clinic offers extra help for families struggling with obesity

Fevers in Children Prove Worrisome for Parents - April 25, 2011
Pediatrician Lee Beers offers practical advice for managing fevers in the Washington Post

Practical Tips For Reducing SIDS Risk - April 21, 2011
Rachel Moon, MD, tells the Wall Street Journal that parents often underestimate their baby’s abilities

Watch the video

Parents: It’s important to talk to children early about sex - April 19, 2011

Pediatrician Ivor Horn offers tips on Good Morning America for talking about puberty and sex.

Watch the video

USA Today: Girls Hitting Puberty Earlier Than Ever - April 12, 2011
Two Children’s National experts, Paul Kaplowitz and Eleanor Mackey, talk about early puberty and what you can do to support your child.

CNN: Kids' CT scans increase fivefold - April 5, 2011
James Chamberlain, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, comments to CNN's health blog about a new study in the Journal of Radiology

Embarrassing questions for teen boys - March 28, 2011
Larry D'Angelo, MD, chief of Adolescent Medicine, answers questions for WebMD

Washington Post: Tips for Parents with Overweight Children - March 22, 2011
Nazrat Mirza, MD and Eleanor Mackey, PhD, from the Obesity Institute offer important guidance for parents in the Post’s report on childhood obesity.

Read the full story

Staying in Shape During Sports Season - March 16, 2011
Monica Hubal provides tips to WebMD

Children’s Pediatrician Commends FDA’s Decision to Remove Cold Medicine - March 2, 2011
Yolandra Hancock, MD, tells WebMD these drugs can be harmful to young patients

Marijuana Use Linked to Risk of Psychotic Symptoms - March 1, 2011
Tomas Silber, MD, comments on a new study

The Benefits – and Limitations – of Listening to Music - February 28, 2011
Penny Glass discusses the topic in the Washington Post

Roger Packer, MD, describes the growth and evolution of Neurosciences at Children’s National - February 24, 2011
HealthLeaders media profiles internationally recognized neurologist

Miracle baby saved by Children's National Heart Institute - February 17, 2011
Many doctors fought against all odds to save baby Ryan

Boy born without cerebellum a ‘mystery’ to doctors - February 16, 2011
"The fact that he even breathes on his own is nothing short of remarkable."

Children’s National Expert Offers Advice for Parents on Sleep Problems - February 15, 2011
Chief of Sleep Medicine Anastassios C. Koumbourlis talks about the importance of a pediatric sleep lab

Clowning Around at the Hospital - February 13, 2011
The AARP highlights Dr. JJ, one of the clowns at Children’s National

Children's Expert Treats Boy with Rare Condition - February 12, 2011
Chief of Fetal and Transitional Medicine cares for a child without a cerebellum

Concussions: Tips for Letting Your Brain Heal - February 2, 2011
Dr. Gerard Gioia talks to NPR

Children’s Doctor Discusses Autism with Diane Rehm - February 2, 2011
Infectious Disease Expert Roberta DeBiasi appeared on February 2nd

Sleep Disorders and Mental Illness: Children’s Candice Alfano discusses a possibly link - January 27, 2011
Children's Candice Alfano discusses a possible link

Reduce the Risk of SIDS - January 24, 2011
CBS Radio Provides tips from Dr. Rachel Moon

Why sleep is so important for Children - January 18, 2011
Two Children's Experts talk to the Wall Street Journal

Do Humidifiers Help Children with Colds? - January 7, 2011
Dr. Stephen Teach talks to NPR

Give thanks by giving to Children's National - January 6, 2011
"I wouldn't ever want my child's health to be determined by whether I had to make a rent payment that month, by whether I'd been laid off. But that is the reality for too many families in our area."

Ian Thomas's Christmas gift to daughter Luca: Part of his liver - January 4, 2011
"Little Luca Marie Thomas, just 4 months old, needed a new liver."

A teen's bike accident presents doctors with a rattled brain, a shattered leg - January 3, 2011
"Two blocks from their house, at Route 108, Chip saw police officers cleaning up after an accident. Tyler's twisted bike lay by the side of the road."

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