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Hematology Oncology Fellowship

Faculty & Staff


  1. David Jacobsohn
  2. Jane Sande
  3. Evelio Perez-Albuerne
  4. Kirsten Williams
  5. Brett Loechelt
 Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant
  1. Jacqueline Lagerlof
  2. Kristen Barbieri


  1. Lori LuchtmanJones
  2. Michael Guerrera
  3. Jay Greenberg
  4. Emily Meier
  5. Nicole Verdun
  6. Yaser Diab
  7. Deepika Darbari
  8. Naomi Luban
  9. Stephan Ladisch
  10.  Ross Fasano
Nurse Practitioner
  1. Christine Guelcher
  2. Barbara Speller Brown
  3. Meagan Coco
  4. Nneka Okoye
  5. Damali Rahman


  1. Anne Angiolillo
  2. Shana Jacobs
  3. Reuven Schore
  4. Leigh Marcus
Nurse Practitioner
  1. Melisa Silva Wills
  2. William Jerkins

Solid tumor

  1. Jeff Dome
  2. Max Coppes
  3. Holly Meany
  4. Aerang Kim
  5. Leslie Doros
  6. Nita Seibel
Nurse Practitioner
  1. Wendy Fitzgerald
  2. Holly Deluca
  3. Lizzie Thomson
  4. Katarina Steacy


  1. Brian Rood
  2. Eugene Hwang
  3. Lindsay Kilburn
Nurse Practitioner
  1. Debbie LaFond
  2. Faith Crozier
  3. Heather Schniepp

Northern Virginia Group

  1. Sadhna Shankar
  2. Eva Perdahl Wallace
  3. Patrick Chang
  4. Carly Varela
  5. Elizabeth Yang
  6. Mwe Mwe Chao
  7. Christopher Lawlor
  8. Jennifer Dean
Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant
  1. Kathy Scarbolis

Montgomery County

  1. Jay Greenberg
Nurse Practitioner
  1. Beth Siever

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