Understanding and Responding to Conditions on the NGA

Each applicant that submits a successful application receives a written notification in the form of a “Notice of Grant Award” or NGA. This important document specifies detailed information unique to each grant funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The NGA is typically sent to the person listed in Box# 10, “Project Director/PI,” on the face page of the NGA.

Some of the information on the NGA includes:

  • The date the grant is issued (see box #1)
  • The award number/grant number (see box #4a,b)
  • The project period (see box #6)
  • The budget period (see box #7)
  • The grantee name and address (see box #9)
  • The project director/PI name and address (see box #10)
  • The award dollar amount (see box #12)
  • HRSA Electronic Handbook (EHB) registration requirements
  • Terms and conditions associated with the grant
  • Recommendations (if any) for the grant
  • Reporting requirements for the grant
  • HRSA contacts assigned to grant

Applicants are required to respond to “conditions” placed on their grant application. A deadline for responding to these conditions is provided. Information on how to respond to the conditions is also provided. Failure to comply with special remarks and condition(s) may result in a drawdown restriction being placed on the Payment Management System account or denial of future funding.

Some examples of conditions include:

  1. Please provide a revised 424a budget form and budget justification that explains the ___________ budget category in more detail and lists the specific costs associated with this activity within 30 days.

  2. Please provide a revised budget that includes funding for three representatives to attend the Annual EMSC Grantee Meeting within 60 days.

An NGA may also include “recommendations“ that the reviewers have identified as potentially being helpful for project implementation. Applicants should respond to these recommendations. They are actions to be considered by the grantee that may expedite or more effectively assist in achieving the grant goal and objectives. Please pay attention to these recommendations for future grant applications as they indicate areas where the application could have been improved upon.