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Anesthesiology, Sedation, and Perioperative Medicine
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Meet Our Team

Richard F Kaplan, MD
Division Chief

Richard J Levy, MD
Associate Division Chief

Claude Abdallah, MD

Sean P Alexander, MD

Susan B Baker, MD

Lisa M Banta, MD

Matthew J Becker, MD

Richard R Bosco, MD

Marjorie P Brennan, MD

Anna T Brown, MD

Ira T Cohen, MD, MEd

Nina Deutsch, MD

Amy M Eiss, NP, CPNP-PC

Rosemary A Eyre Brook, MD

Julia Finkel, MD

Evonne A Greenidge, MD

Raafat S Hannallah, MD

Juan C Ibla, MD

Yewande J Johnson, MD

Angela C Lee, MD

Celeste A Martin, MD

Andrew J Matisoff, MD

Arthur T Misquez, AA

Lucille A Mostello, MD

Barbara L ONeill, MD

Thalia C Palmer, MD

Lisbeth Pappas, MD

Ramesh I Patel, MD

Janish J Patel, MD

Sophie R Pestieau, MD

Zenaide M Quezado, MD

Srijaya K Reddy, MD

Leila L Reduque, MD

Sarah J Reece Stremtan, MD

Teodoro Reyes, MD

Renee J Roberts, MD

Teresa L Roberts, MD

Domiciano N Santos, MD

Jamie M Schwartz, MD

Kathy A Sheehy, CNS, PCNS

Karen M Thomson, MD

Songyos Valairucha, MD

Janelle D Vaughns, MD

Susan T Verghese, MD

Leila G Welborn, MD

Caroline C Wright, MD

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