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Distance Learning/ Education Programs
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Distance Learning/ Education Programs

The Educational Telemedicine team delivers multi-modality distance education and enables regional and national medical centers to support public health initiatives in underserved urban areas, small towns and rural villages. Live distance learning is provided through programs such as cardiac surgery management conferences; pediatric grand rounds; stored case presentation with X-ray, ultrasound, or other imaging modality; stored educational lectures and presentations; web-based education; and other education modules and subspecialties.

In partnership with Wired and Project Hope, Children’s has continued to expand its international educational outreach by including new sites, such as several cities in Iraq. After overcoming obstacles such as time differences, language barriers and satellite and other technical issues, Children's medical staff has been involved in lectures transmitted to Iraq on topics such as pediatric cardiology, asthma management, hematology/oncology, and management of diarrheal diseases. - Departments & Programs - Children's National Medical Center