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Hospital Epidemiology Program
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Hospital Epidemiology Program

Hospital Epidemiology Program
Children’s Hospital Epidemiology Program, coordinated through the Division of Infectious Diseases, is involved in the surveillance, prevention, and control of hospital acquired infections (HAI) among patients, employees, and visitors. Children’s National Medical Center aims to deliver care to infants, children, and adolescents in the safest possible environment. Our providers continuously monitor patients at high risk for HAI.

Our Methods
The program collaborates with all of Children’s clinical divisions to investigate and manage risks, and reduce the number of infections. Program Director Xiaoyan Song, PhD, MBBS, MSc, the hospital epidemiologist, has overseen numerous advances in infection control and epidemiology. We also participate in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveillance program to help control HAI in hospitals, medical centers, and other public facilities. The program:
• Alerts public health authorities of the occurrence of communicable diseases
• Surveys and prevents HAI
• Take immediate action to control the spread of illnesses in the hospital and community

Our care teams practice evidence-based, proven prevention strategies shown to decrease healthcare-associated risks for all patients and employees, such as:
• Safety needle devices
• Closed intravenous systems
• Waterless hand-gel dispensers

Our Research
Children’s Research Institute boasts world-renowned faculty members that excel in translational medicine. Children’s multidisciplinary approach to research and medicine allows for scientists in different research centers to study specific areas of interest. With this collaboration, scientists are able to make cutting-edge discoveries and strides in the studies of childhood disease.

The Hospital Epidemiology Program and Children’s National intensive care units, along with other medical centers nationwide, is cooperating with the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions on research to continually improve standards of care and identify best practices for patient safety.

To learn more about current research concerning HAI and related issues, speak with a member of your child’s care team or member of the Hospital Epidemiology Program.

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