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Tests and Services

Immunology Testing

The Clinical Immunology Laboratory at Children’s National Medical Center performs flow cytometry-based diagnostic testing of samples from inpatients and outpatients treated at the hospital and at regional outpatient centers for acquired and primary immunodeficiency disorders, and evaluates and monitors patients with leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and other hematological disorders, including neutrophil functional defects.

Leukemia and lymphoma testing
The laboratory team uses four-color flow cytometric analysis to diagnose and monitor patients with suspected leukemia, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The team analyzes specimens from bone marrow, blood, lymph nodes, and other fluids and tissues are selects antibody panels based on patient history and previous analysis.

Acquired immunodeficiency testing
The laboratory team primarily uses four-color flow cytometric analysis of major lymphocyte subsets (includes CD4/CD8 counts) to monitor patients with HIV/AIDS and to follow immunosuppressive therapy in transplant patients.

Primary immunodeficiency testing
The laboratory team performs flow cytometric-based testing and screening for primary immunodeficiency diseases.

In addition to general screening for a variety of immunodeficiency disease, specific tests for leukocyte adhesion deficiency (CD18/CD11 analysis) and a functional assay to evaluate respiratory burst function in neutrophils in patients suspected to have chronic granulomatous disease are preformed.
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