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Pulmonary Diagnostics Laboratory
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Pulmonary Diagnostics Laboratory

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Your child’s doctor may request a test with the Pulmonary Diagnostics Laboratory to diagnosis a suspected condition or monitor the effects of treatment for a respiratory disorder. The laboratory’s credentialed respiratory therapists have advanced specialized training in pulmonary testing, and additional expertise in comforting children as well as assuring parents.  

Children’s state-of-the-art Pulmonary Diagnostics Laboratory can perform the full range of tests to accurately measure lung function in children:  
• Pulmonary Function Testing
• Exercise Testing
• Metabolic Testing
• Inhalation Challenge Testing
• Ventilator Assessment

Care for Kids
We care exclusively for children and have specially designed pediatric equipment, which is important for assessments of smaller, developing airways. Pulmonary testing includes:
• Airway resistance and diffusing capacity
• Hypoxic challenge testing
• Measurement of lung volumes
• Metabolic testing
• Methacholine challenge testing
• Pulmonary exercise testing
• Spirometry before and after bronchodilator
The laboratory’s staff also supports the pulmonologists in bronchoscopy procedures and participates in research protocols.

To help patients and parents manage a child’s condition, we provide instruction in airway clearance techniques, inhaled medication administration, and the use and care of medication administration devices and spacers.

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