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Video Opportunities for Condom Education and Safer Sex (VOICES)
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Video Opportunities for Condom Education and Safer Sex (VOICES)
VOICES is a condom negotiation skills and condom education HIV prevention workshop for African-American youth ages 18-24 years old. Information on HIV/STD risk behavior and condom use is delivered by viewing a culturally-specific video. Skills in condom use and negotiation are modeled in the videos, then role-played and practiced by participants during the facilitated group discussion that follows. A colorful poster board is used to present features of various condom brands that are commonly used. Groups of 4-12 youth are gender and ethnic specific, so that participants can develop prevention strategies appropriate to their culture.

The single, 60-minute session allows participants to discuss their experiences around condom use and negotiation with peers their age. At the end of the session, participants are given samples of the types of condoms they have identified as best meeting their needs.

VOICES is based on the Theory of Reasoned Action, which explains how people’s behaviors are guided by their attitudes, beliefs, and experiences as well as by how they believe others think they should act in a given circumstance.

VOICES takes place during the weekday. Sessions are held with youth at community based organizations, the Children’s National Shaw Clinic, and local DC metro-area colleges, such as Howard University. VOICES also hosts weekday evening sessions entitled “Safer Sex Parties” in college dorm settings, coupled with pizza and soda.

If you are interested in hosting a VOICES session at your youth-serving organization or community site, contact Melissa Varner at 202-476-5477.


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