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Drs. Roseman, Desouza, McHugh, and Dubelman

Flu Vaccine Update
2013-2014 Season

The CDC recommends that all children over the age of 6 months should receive a flu vaccine annually. Below is information regarding our vaccine availability, and our plans for scheduling patients to receive their vaccines. Please also reference the links available for information about who should be vaccinated, the differences between flu vaccines, and links to important resources.

Latest Update (updated 10-3-2013):
  • FLU MIST (live, attenuated vaccine): AVAILABLE for patients with private and state insurances. We have a large supply of MIST available and are offering during routine physical appointments and scheduling at nurse only clinics – please call to book an appointment.
We are also scheduling nurse only appointments for all patients without a high risk diagnosis. Children who meet the following criteria are candidates to receive Flu Mist. If your child does not meet the following criteria, it is not safe to receive Flu Mist and they should receive the injectable flu vaccine.

Criteria needed to receive Flu Mist safely:
Age:  2 years and older
Does NOT have one of the following medical conditions:
  1. Asthma or chronic lung condition
  2. Ages 2-4 years old who has had an episode of wheezing within the past year
  3. Cardiovascular conditions (e.g., congenital heart disease)
  4. Diabetes
  5. Immunosuppressed patients – those taking immunosuppressive medications (e.g. prednisone, chemotherapy), or those with cancer or hematologic condition
  6. Hematologic abnormalities (e.g., sickle cell disease)
  7. Kidney or liver disease
  8. Patients with neurologic conditions
  • INJECTABLE FLU VACCINE (inactive killed vaccine): A portion of our Injectable Flu Vaccine has arrived and we are now booking appointments.   If your child is high risk the patient will need to be seen by a provider in order to be cleared for the vaccine, please call to schedule an appointment today.  
  • Baby Flu Injection (patients under the age of 2 years): We have also received a shipment of the .25 injectable vaccine for the babies and will be offering this at office visits and nurse only appointment.  Please call the office to schedule.

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Please check vaccine availability based on insurance:

Patients with Private Insurances:

We currently have FLU MIST and injectable vaccine available.  Please call to book an appointment; depending on patient age and high risk status a physician appointment may be needed.

Patients with State Funded Insurances:
We currently have FLU MIST and injectable vaccine available.  Please call to book an appointment; depending on patient age and high risk status a physician appointment may be needed.

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How many flu shots do I need?
This season there is only one version of the flu vaccine (available in either injectable form or in Flu Mist nasal form), and it contains within it the H1N1 influenza strain of 2009.  In 2009, it was recommended to have both a “seasonal” flu shot and an “H1N1 flu shot.”  This year (like 2010), it is all covered in one vaccine.

How many doses of the flu shot do I need?

Children age 9 or older only need one dose for the 2013-2014 influenza seasons.
Children under the age of 9 need 2 doses if:
  • They have not received two or more total doses of flu vaccine since July 2010
  • They have never had flu vaccine of any kind before
  • Those children who require 2 doses as above should receive their second dose at least 4 weeks after the first.

I got the flu vaccine last season, do I really need to get the flu shot again?
Yes.  The vaccine needs to be re-dosed every year.  Immunity from last season’s vaccination is not expected to cover you through the entire influenza season 2013-2014, leaving you vulnerable to infection in the latter half of the season.

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I got ill with the influenza illness last season, do I really need to get the flu shot this season?
Yes.  Although it is possible that antibodies from an influenza infection last year could carry over beyond the 1-year mark, it is variable per patient how long those antibodies last and how protective they really are.  Therefore, it is recommended to get the flu vaccine every year.

Should patients with an allergy to eggs get the flu vaccine?
Children who are known to have a severe/anaphylactic allergy to eggs should not receive the flu vaccine.

Will the flu vaccine contain thimerisol?
No.  We use a thimerisol-free version of the influenza vaccine, while supplies last.

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